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To ensure compliance with BC Soccer’s rules, regulations, and sanctioning requirements the Cascadia Soccer League has established a model that will be governed by a board made up of members of each participant district, along with representation from the league management staff. 


Each district will have the opportunity to appoint one of its members to the league board. The board will meet periodically to review core governance features such as:

  • Registration

  • Discipline

  • Risk Management

  • Respect for FIFA Laws of the Game

  • Compliance with BC Soccer and Canada Soccer By-laws, policies, procedures, directives, and Rules and Regulations, as adopted and amended from time to time. (for the most current rules )


The decisions of the board will be focused on creating a transparent and process driven league, for all participants,  that gives confidence to stakeholders that there is a superior level of structure, organization, and communication. This confidence will set the stage for the teams and players to compete and have fun, while enabling the clubs to provide the technical leadership for the players to develop under.

District Representatives

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