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  • How do I find out if a club in my area is a registered club?
    Click HERE for a list of all 2024 registered clubs, this will be updated January 15th when team registration opens to reflect the 2024 registered clubs. If your club is not on the list contact the League Administrator HERE.
  • Can my team register even if my club is not registered?
    Only teams of registered clubs may register for the Cascadia Spring League, all registrations will come through clubs.
  • Can my team register if we are still in cup play for the fall season?​​
    Yes, as per BC Soccer Rules teams may register in a secondary league that starts after April 1st as long as cup play takes priority over secondary league games. All teams in cup play must still play all their Cascadia League games, it is not fair to other teams in the league if a team refuses to play any of their Cascadia games.
  • Can I still participate in the league if my team is not participating?
    We only take team registrations from member Clubs. You can speak with your Club and see if there is another team you could play with.
  • When does the season start?
    A Cascadia League important dates can be found HERE.
  • How do I register my team?
    All teams will be registered by their club. Contact your club for details.
  • What is the registration fee?
    For 2024, the fee is $157.50 per team ($150 plus GST).
  • Is there a limit to the number of players that can be on a team's roster?
    There is no limit but clubs should take into consideration the number of players who will be on the sidelines of each game when they make their teams.
  • How do I become a referee for the Cascadia League?
    Referee’s are provided by each club. Contact any of the clubs in your area to inquire about refereeing for the spring season.
  • How do I become a coach for the Cascadia League?
    Coaches are provided by each club. Contact any of the clubs in your area to inquire about coaching for the spring season.
  • Do coaches & referees need a Criminal Record Check?
    All club and team officials must have a valid criminal record check. Referees 19 and over must also have a criminal record check.
  • How do I find contact information for an opposing team coach?
    Scroll to the bottom of the schedule page, if the team information is not listed here contact the League Administrator HERE.
  • How do I report a forfeit?
    A game will not be considered a forfeit until a report has been received. To report a forfeit use the form HERE.
  • Who reports scores?
    All scores must be reported by the home team by 10pm the day the game is played
  • What age groups are required to upload rosters?
    All age groups (U9 Intake to U18) are required to upload rosters. Pictures are only required for teams U14+ Teams U9 Intake to U14 Intake must ensure their roster in QScriptor reflects their game day roster prior to kick off Teams U14+ are required to print their Match Sheets
  • Does my team need player cards?
    Player cards are required for teams U14+.
  • What is the fluid roster policy?
    Any movement not covered by the FRP chart will require a written submission to the League for consideration. Players who are registered with a British Columbia Premier Soccer League team (BCSPL) are NOT eligible to be used as guest players in the Cascadia Soccer League. Teams that do not have another team from their Club in a lower division within the same age or a younger team in the same or lower division may use the FRP to pull players from another Club in their District but must first obtain League permission. Clubs must limit players to two games per weekend to safeguard against them playing too many games and being exposed to potential injury. Players & team officials must not be handwritten on the Match Sheet (U14+ only).
  • Do I need to print our roster/match sheet?
    Only teams U14+ are required to print Match Sheets Match Sheets can be downloaded for printing beginning at noon on the Thursday prior to the current weekend. Players cannot be handwritten onto the Match Sheet Each team must print 2 copies of the match sheet and bring them to the game. The most recent date and timed stamped rosters will be used as the official game day Match Sheet.
  • Can a game be rescheduled?
    Should BOTH teams agree to an alternate day/time, that would be acceptable to the league. If it is agreed upon, in writing, before Wednesday at 6pm before the scheduled game date. All games must be rescheduled and played on or before the second to last weekend of the season (June 1st/2nd 2024) to count towards the standings. The home team must notify the league by completing the Rescheduled Game form found HERE.
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