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The league appreciates all feedback and league staff work hard to ensure all league matters are taken care of in a timely manner. To ensure your issue is being handled by the most appropriate person please view the following list and contact the correct person. 




For questions about registering a player with a team, uniforms, game times, practice times, or any question regarding your child’s play please contact your club. For a list of Cascadia registered clubs please check our website HERE and click on the club’s logo to be directed to their website. 


Team Coaches/Managers


For questions regarding your team’s schedule or any questions about practices, uniforms or equipment please contact your club.


For questions regarding a discipline hearing contact the League Manager HERE


For questions about referees and ID cards contact your club for your district’s policy.  


League Staff 

If you have not found the answer to your questions on the website click the person's name to contact the appropriate staff member below

Registration | Rosters | Scores & Standings
Game Cards | General Questions

Rules | Discipline | Forfeits | Procedures & Policies 

Tiering |  Game Formats | Schedules

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