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Referees can report games in one of two ways. Either using the BC Soccer Discipline system or if they do not have access to the system (it is being phased out and they can not add people anymore) they can use the fillable forms found HERE or linked below. Once forms are filled out they can be sent to 

Discipline Guidelines for Players & Team Officials 

All participants, players, coaches, managers and volunteers must adhere to the BC Soccer Conduct, Ethics and Discipline Standards Policy and Procedures. 

Discipline Committee

The Cascadia Soccer League discipline committee will be chaired by a member of the Cascadia Board.

The discipline process will be as follows: 

▪ Referees will submit game reports 

▪ Discipline issues will come to the league through the League General Manager

▪ The League Manager will forward discipline reports to the Discipline Chair who will review with the discipline committee.

A hearing may or may not be required (any person and/or club has a right to a hearing if they wish) Some discipline issues may be referred to the home district or BC Soccer. 

If a suspension is given to a player/team official their club will be notified, the suspension will be entered into the league registration. Any suspensions that last longer than the Cascadia League will still be in effect for the next season. 

eg. A player gets a 3 game suspension with only 2 games left in the season, they register for the Fall BCCSL season, they will need to sit out the first game of the fall season.


Appeals of League decisions shall be made to BC Soccer per BC Soccer’s Rules & Regulations. 

Accumulated Cautions 

Upon notification by the Cascadia Discipline Manager, anyone receiving three yellow cards in the regular season must sit out the team’s very next game. If the 3rd Caution in the Season was reported in the last game of the regular season the suspension is required to be sat out in the first game of the BCCSL season or if not playing BCCSL the first game of the next Cascadia season.

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