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The fine system provides a measure of accountability to participant clubs and a consequence for non-compliance. Fines will be levied based on the following schedule.

All infractions will be reviewed by the league and decisions will be provided to the club in question, in writing.

  • All fines are applied to their respective Club.

  • All fines are payable by July 15th 2023

  • All fines will be used in a charitable manner and not retained by the league

  • Any club not paying their fines in full by July 15th 2023 will be required to post a performance bond for the 2024 season. This performance bond will be equal to 3 times the amount of their club’s total fines for 2023

Cascadia Spring League Fines – 2023


Movement of team after final deadline but before final schedule is released  - $100

Late team entry (after registration deadline) - $150

Withdrawal of committed team - after registration deadline - $250

Withdrawal of committed team – after first game  - $500

Cancelling a scheduled league game without prior approval -  $150

Misconduct by a team official/player or spectator *

Failure of a team to complete all league games  - $150

Failure to provide a safe and adequate field with nets, corner flags, field lining & team official for home game  - $100

Failure to produce BC Soccer ID cards for U13 and over players & officials (starting May 7th) - $100

Forfeit of game – as per Cascadia League Rules - $150

Abandoning a game already in play  - $150

Playing a suspended/illegal player **

Late admittance of League Fee – after April 30th 2024  - $250

*There are various levels of misconduct with varying levels of sanctions

**The minimum fine for Ineligible Participation is $300 however in some cases may be a minimum fine of $1000.

Both of these items are subject to discipline and need to be compliant with BC Soccer’s Sanctioning Policy & Tables 

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