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The league’s mandate is to create an organized, fun, competitive, and developmentally appropriate game outlet for teams. To this end, it is essential to have strong technical leadership to ensure consistency and compliance with Canada Soccer's Long Term Player Development (LTPD) plan and the league’s game format/rules. 


A technical committee, made up of a technical representative from each member club has been established and has a mandate as follows:


  • Create a collaborative and inclusive technical working committee

  • Review and recommend rules, policies, and procedures that comply with Canada Soccer's LTPD plan

  • Peer club to club accountability for minimum technical standards

The technical committee will have a staff liaison to serve as committee Chair. The role of the technical committee Chair will be:  

  • To coordinate and lead all technical committee meetings

  • Manage communication to/from the member club's technical representatives 

  • Provide minutes from technical meetings for publication and distribution 

  • Serve as the league liaison to BC Soccer's technical department 

  • Act as the primary contact on weekly technical matters 

  • Update the league technical rules as required

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