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As part of the BC Soccer governance model, a club is only permitted to join the league, if the district in which they play, is part of the league board. 

As a supporting district you will be entitled to a seat on the league's board of directors. We will contact your designated representative to include them on future meetings and information. 

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All clubs must register and be accepted to Thompson Okanagan Youth Soccer League before their teams can register. Clubs must be registered by January 30th to be accepted to the league. When a club registers they are agreeing to allow their teams to play the spring season with the TOYSL and agreeing to pay for any registration fees and/or fines that said teams may incur. 


Once the league receives an application the league will contact the club to verify details of the clubs approximate number of teams and age groups as well as club contact information. After all information has been verified teams within your club will be able to be added to our registration system. 


By registering for the TOYSL the club is agreeing to abide by all rules and policies and will expect it's teams to do the same.  


The club will be invoiced for the total number of registered teams when registration closes at $157.50 ($150 plus GST) per team, payment is due upon receipt of invoice and all payments not received by April 30th 2023 will be subject to a $250 fine as per the TOYSL Rules. Instructions for payment will be included with the invoice, please note payment may be made by cheque, etransfer or credit card (online payments will have a 3.5% surcharge added to the total amount to account for processing fees).


All teams must be registered by their club. When clubs register they will be sent a template to register teams, they will be required to send a list of all teams by February 15th 2023. Teams will not be able to register on their own. 


By registering for the TOYSL the team is agreeing that all participants, players, coaches and managers will adhere to the BC Soccer Conduct, Ethics and Discipline Standards Policy and Procedures. Found on the BC Soccer websites


Team registration fees to join the league will be paid by the club and will be included in the club's spring budget, which will include other costs associated with operating your team (examples include but not limited to: uniforms/equipment, fields, referees, staff, technical programs, club overhead, BC Soccer/District dues). Check directly with your club for their registration fees and inclusions. 

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