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All cards will be reported through the form found on the website HERE. Upon receiving a Red Card the League Discipline Committee will review the incident and the results will be communicated to the Club's main contact person. 


Upon notification by the TOYSL Discipline Manager, anyone receiving three yellow cards in the regular season must sit out the team’s very next game. If the 3rd Caution in the Season was reported in the last game of the regular season the suspension is required to be sat out during cup play or if no cup game is being played then it must be sat out in the first game of the next season


The fine system provides a measure of accountability to participant clubs and a consequence for non-compliance. Fines will be levied based on the following schedule.

All infractions will be reviewed by the league and decisions will be provided to the club in question, in writing.

  • All fines are applied to their respective Club.

  • All fines are payable by July 15th 2023

  • All fines will be used in a charitable manner and not retained by the league

  • Any club not paying their fines in full by July 15th 2023 will be required to post a performance bond for the 2024 season. This performance bond will be equal to 3 times the amount of their club’s total fines for 2023

TOYSL Spring League Fines – 2023


Movement of team after final deadline but before final schedule is released  - $100

Late team entry (after registration deadline) - $150

Withdrawal of committed team - after registration deadline - $250

Withdrawal of committed team – after first game  - $500

Cancelling a scheduled league game without prior approval -  $150

Misconduct by a team official/player or spectator *

Failure of a team to complete all league games  - $150

Failure to provide a safe and adequate field with nets, corner flags, field lining & team official for home game  - $100

Failure to produce BCSA ID cards for U13 Intake and over players & officials (starting April 16th) - $100

Forfeit of game – as per TOYSL League Rules - $150

Abandoning a game already in play  - $150

Playing a suspended/illegal player **

Late admittance of League Fee – after April 30th 2023  - $250

*There are various levels of misconduct with varying levels of sanctions

**The minimum fine for Ineligible Participation is $300 however in some cases may be a minimum fine of $1000.

Both of these items are subject to discipline and need to be compliant with BC Soccer’s Sanctioning Policy & Tables 

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